Skid Plates for BMW, VW, Toyota, Honda and More

RACE SKIDS are designed with the Enthusiasts in mind. With the best quality skid plates you can buy. Period!

At RACE SKIDS our design philosophy is simple. Cover as much as we can and still make a great looking affective skid plate. The skid plate protects your oil pan, and that means that you can go low or hit the trail and feel confident that you are Safe!

We are here to make you a custom skid plate to protect your investment. Our heavy duty Race skids protect the bottom of the engine bay, including the cast aluminum oil pan. The very thin cast aluminum oil pan can be easily damaged by road debris, ice chunks, and minor off-road excursions. Many chassis engines have been destroyed by debris putting a hole or a crack in the aluminum oil pan and the subsequent loss of oil and oil pressure. Also, the cars are very low to the ground which causes the cars to bottom out frequently. Damage often occurs when bottoming out. In addition, the plastic belly pan that comes with these cars is often damaged. A replacement factory plastic belly pan often costs more than race skids and offer little to no real protection. . Why replace it when you can buy a highly protective skid plate? Installing our hefty 10 gauge thick skid plate will help you avoid costly repairs and give you peace of mind that your engine is protected! Take a look at these pictures. Don't let this happen to your Pride and joy.