Dual Remote Radar

Undetectable Radar Systems
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Dual radar sensors, completely invisible

Thanks to K40, it's possible for you to design your radar and laser protection system with the same care and detail that you invest in your high performance automobile. In fact, your professional K40 dealer can design a system specific to your automobile and appropriate for your method and pace of driving. 

Select a system with a single front mounted radar receiver, or upgrade to have dual detectors positioned in both the front and rear of the vehicle, to pinpoint the source of police signals from any direction. You can even incorporate our advanced Laser Defuser EX or EX2 system for the ultimate in laser protection. So no matter where you drive, you can feel confident, knowing you won't have to take your eyes from the road, your hands from the wheel or your wallet from your pocket. 

If you've owned a regular radar detector, you know the hassles of setting it up and hiding it from thieves when not in use. You hate the dangling cords, suction cups and Velcro tabs that destroy the elegant contours of your instrument panel. 

K40's exclusive "Divide-and-conquer" concept solves all that. Inside the cockpit, separate alert lights and speakers or custom Warning Pod mounts invisibly into your vehicle's instrument cluster. A unique two piece control switch, installed discreetly under the kick panel or in the dash, adjusts the on/off, city/highway, and volume functions. 

Features include:

  • Full Radar Coverage
    Detects all FCC allocated police frequencies -X, K, and Superwide Ka band radar. Laser protection available when used with the Laser Defuser EX or EX2.
  • Pulse Protection
    Instantly alerts you to police "Instant-on" radar with an urgent high pitched beep accompanied by a rapid flashing of indicator light.
  • Auto Mute
    Audibly alerts driver for several seconds, then automatically switches to a quiet clicking to reduce unwanted sounds 
    during prolonged encounters.
  • Filter Adjustment Control
    Reduces non police signals without sacrificing performance to true police radar.
  • Alert Override
    Prioritizes incoming signals and alerts to the most urgent threat.
  • Linear Geiger Circuit
    Visual and audible alerts intensify as you get closer to the source and diminish as the threat recedes.
  • VG-2 Protection

  • Audio and visual alerts combine to alert you to radar or laser signals.