Portable All-Band Detector

Detects X,K and Superwide Ka band Radar and Laser
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Designed from the same technology as our signature Undetectable Remote Systems, the RD850 is a technological marvel in a sleek package that requires no installation. Just mount it on your dash, visor, or windshield, and plug it into your cigarette lighter (can also be connected to your fuse box). Dismounts in seconds too. So it's perfect for second cars or rental cars.

RD850 Highlights & Tech info

Features include:

  • Advanced Microwave Radar Receiver Design
    For exceptional performance to all radar guns, including DSP
    driven Ka band radar.
  • Patented Intermediate
    Frequency Rejection Software

    Reduces non police signals without sacrificing performance
    to true police radar.
  • Unique "5-window" Design
    Helps this detector pick up laser signals front and rear, even off axis signals.
  • VG-2 Protection
    Prevents detection from the VG-2 Gun (radar detector detector) while emitting a brief audible and visual alert.
  • Pulse Protection
    Immediately alerts you to police "Instant on" radar.
  • Signal Alert Indicator
    Four LED's illuminate as the strength of the police radar signal increases.
  • Band Indicator
  • Audio and visual alerts combine to alert you to radar or laser signals.